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Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14.

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One day Crazyfunbabe Rebecca was dreaming about diamonds... the next day she was dripping in them!
Dreams DO Come True!

For this CFB photoshoot, Rebecca was wearing over $50 Million dollars worth of diamonds from rings, earrings, to bracelets, to the rarest one of all... A 76.45 carat perfect white Archduke Joseph Diamond lovingly referred to as the "DUKE". Now THAT's Dripping in Diamonds!

Check out some behind the scenes footage from our Crazyfunbabe Dripping in Diamonds photoshoot.

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Re-moisterize your tresses damaged by the summer sun, heat and styling to keep them shiny & healthy looking year round! Some of our favourites products that will get the job done are Bumble and Bumble's Creme de Coco Masque. This once-a-week treatment is just what summer hair needs!

More into a natural beauty trick that you & your girlfriends can find in your kitchen?! You may shy away from the stuff during the bikini season, but not anymore knowing that MAYONAISE can help to keep your tresses radiant!

Comb just enough mayo through your hair to coat it lightly. Then leave on for 30 minutes before shampooing out per normal. For a deeper conditioning treatment, place a shower cap on top of your mayo-coated locks and leave on for longer (even overnight if you're feeling extra dry). Other interesting uses? Next time you get gum stuck in your hair, rub Mayo in until the gum dissolves right out.

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