How it all Started...
I’m Rebecca, one of the Design Consultants for crazyfunbabe. Despite the look of the picture, my job isn’t all-play-and-no-work. We like to think that we run the company but if you were to ask Lorane, she’d probably tell you differently as she is the founder and C.E.O… but now we’re just getting technical.

Speaking of technical...We're not just pretty faces, we're techies too! Giving you all of those hot crazyfunbabe graphics that you crave for your cell phone screen.

You’d be surprised how many people ask us how this crazy crazyfunbabe thing got started.

Well, here it goes...
Lorane had been in the web biz for ten years and, being the original crazyfunbabe, she is always in the know of up and coming trends. She was the first to see that all this entertainment for cell phones was the new thing of things. Noticing that all the stuff was for guys, she said WTF?! in true crazyfunbabe form, knowing that there’s nobody who communicates more than us girls!

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She started calling around to girls she knows (like me!) and some girls that she didn’t know to see what they thought was hot, and what they thought was missing, and what they wanted. Know what they said?

We’re fashionistas, style mavens, we need stylish things and not just for our wardrobes, we need fashion for our phones! With that, we made a pact to listen to what you have to say and always give you what you want with crazyfunbabe™.

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