Technology That Still Rocks The Glam

I Have No Idea What I Really Want. But I Won't Be Satisfied Until I Get It."

You View Myvu! Let's all Review! Crazyfunbabe in Cabo San Lucas

For the MyVu personal media viewer review Crazyfunbabe hit the beaches of Cabo San Lucas to get the reaction of the sun, surf and fun lovers to the MyVu Video Eyewear.

Isis Dei Rocks the Glam with Crazyfunbabe

Crazyfunbabes found themselves rocking out next to Founder of Isis Dei, Taylor Shupe at a party in Vegas. So impressed we decided to find out if Taylor did anything besides party. Based out of California, Isis Dei covers protect your precious laptop, mobile phone and other techno gizmos. We found we can strut our tech stuff with style with the ultra cool designs at

And... the great music on this video? DJ Serafin

Crazyfunbabe Approved Audio-Technica

At Crazyfunbabe we are always excited to find technology that is designed with a girl in mind. Audio-Technica has designed portable head phones and in-ear head phones for our dainty little ears! At first we thought this could be just hype but we found their in-ear head phones truly do fit us better. Their head phones for women come in beautiful colors and swivel so you can store flat in your purse. This and all between 59 and 69 bucks. Crazyfunbabe-certified!

"Baby a"hhh Swarovski Crystal Bluetooth

Crazyfunbabes do love sparkle and the "Baby a" Bluetooth headset is fully-loaded with Swarovski crystals. Itís not voices in your head. Itís the worldís first Bluetooth to report a callerís name from the userís phone book. The iVOICE technology automatically adjusts the volume level dependent on the environment making it perfect for intimate phone conversations while you rock out on the dance floor.

Crazyfunbabe Must-Have Fashion with MyVu Crystal Video Eyewear

We took to the Vegas Strip to find some Crazyfunbabes to review the MyVu Crystal Video Eyewear. It took us two seconds to find these Crazyfunbabes from Idaho who told us exactly what they thought.

MyVu Video Eyewear connects easily to your iPod or portable media player. Download a movie or music video onto your iPod, iPhone, connect your MyVu Crystal, sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!

The MyVu Crystalís are a "must-have" for every Crazyfunbabe. Three most important items in a girlís bag... mobile phone, lipgloss and MyVuís. Watch the Idaho Crazyfunbabes in Action

Sex and What your Mama Doesn't Know and You Can't Tell Her

The Venetian ballroom in Vegas at CES Unveiled is swarming with male reporters with bad hair and their take on the future has dandruff. Concerned or confused I couldnít tell but it had something to do with the future and my girly sense was tingling.

My only recollection is my Zivio BOOM. It operates where I donít. See my recollection here . Jenny Barchas, Product Marketing Manager at JOBY.COM promised me it would change my life and she was right. Set up was easy and functional, however, perhaps itís my magnetic personality but I have problems with attachments. BTW, as far as the attachments are concerned if you like synthetic products, eat the earbuds, otherwise throw them away. Other than that, itís simply brillant. The design is sleek and sexy. The telescopic boom makes me a ROCK STAR and I like that a lot.

As I sashay around the the room with my BOOM, I get dizzy and everybody seems to love it. As we speak, I am in front of the Mirage with my Zivio, directing traffic and as the french say, "I am oh so courant", but the police are coming and I must go. Off to Pepcomís Digital Experience later today and OMG, itís a miracle, itís at the Mirage so, assuming I will see you there. BFN from CFB

Crazyfunbabe Falls in Love with Zikmu

In our Crazyfunbabe search of our ultimate Glamour Meets Technology at CES 2009, we have to say that Zikmu, the wireless speakers from Parrot by designer Philippe Starck gave us goose bumps.

While dancing on these speakers may be difficult if not dangerous (but when has that ever stopped a crazyfunbabe)... the Zikmu made up for it with their style, quality and pure sexiness.These wireless speakers are BEAUTIFUL , the sound is amazing. Just drop your iPod into the cradle, pop a bottle of bubbly, call a few friends and shake what your mama gave you.

Crazyfunbabe Cute and Cuddly

What Crazyfunbabe wouldnít want to wake up to a cute and cuddly friend like this who doesnít leave the toilet seat up? At CES 2009 we found the I Mini Pet. Dock your ipod on Ozakiís I Mini Pet and get ready to rock come morning.

SD Rocks Crazyfunbabe Style

Crazyfunbabes love a good party and are genetically altered to find it no matter where it is, so it comes as no surprise that we found ourselves dancing in front of the SD Rock Band 2 Contest at CES 2009, Las Vegas. While we were shakiní it the boys were giviní it and it created quite a scene. Again, no suprise. As we groupied at the feet of "The Shakers" they put on the performance of their life. Again, no suprise.

Between the SD advanced technologies and the heat of the moment, we left as security arrived. Again, no surpise. This was all over 2 Gigabytes and I swear someone whispered sweet 2 Terabytes in my ear. OMG!

HP Digital Clutch New York Fashion Week Launch

In Crazyfunbabe's pursuit of happiness at CES, one of the highlights of the day was finding the HP Digital Clutch Designed by Vivienne Tam. Launched at New York Fashion Week, look closely at the runway pics because that isn't an evening bag the model is holding, its this DELISH, 2.5 lb netbook ! What girl wouldnt want to be carrying this little gem around?

Crazyfunbabe All is Not Lost with "Undelete"

Itís no mystery that crazyfunbabes love a good party but with that can come complications like deleting all our pictures from our camera accidentally! We were stoked when we found Diskeeperís Undelete. If you lose your pictures off your camera or any of your computer files off your computer, the Undelete 2009 software will recover them for you! Teal Thompson, Director of PR for Diskeeper explains in this video how Undelete will help a damsel in distress. Click to Check it out! Whether itís in your private life with photos or video or your public life with work files Diskeeper Undelete has you covered. Lost your Digital Photos? Donít Freak Get Undelete

Crazyfunbabes Behind Closed Doors

Mr. Smiths, San Francisco CA

Always interested in finding out what is really happening in the cities that we crazyfunbabes visit, our curiosity was heightened when we walked along a dark San Francisco street and noticed heavy drapes covering what appeared to be a hole in the wall. We just had to see what was behind those heavy damask. What we found was Mr. Smith's and had a blast. Lucky us!

A warm and sexy establishment, Mr. Smithís has three levels including a main bar area, a VIP lounge and a deep dark dance floor in the basement. Thanks to the crew running this joint; Dave, Claire and Mark. We'll be back! Mr. Smithís, 34 7th Street San Francisco.

Crazyfunbabes Myvu Review

Crazyfunbabe reviews video eyewear Myvu Shades 301, made for ipod edition. Check out more info at

What we liked about them:

  • Discrete, like you're wearing sunglasses
  • Watch what you want, when you're with a group of people
  • Quality is good
  • A conversation piece which works great for Crazyfunbabes because we like to be the center of attention!

Videographer: Kevin Weeks